• Cash    
  • Visa/Mastercard    
  • Paypal          
  • Cheque    
  • Bank Transfer
  • Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay

(See below for details)


You can leave your payment at a predetermined place if you won't be home.


You can use your Visa/Mastercard Debit or Credit card to pay over the phone or in person on the day your bins are cleaned.


You can pay online using the secure PayPal website even if you don't have a PayPal account. Just use the link at the bottom and fill in the amount to pay and your Credit/Debit card details. (Be sure to include the address your bins are at so I know who is paying me)


You can post your cheque to:

Cols Bin Cleaning
4 Green Crescent
Shell Cove NSW 2529

(Be sure to include your name and address)

Bank Transfer

You can make a bank transfer to:

Cols Bin Cleaning
BSB: 032 167
Account Number: 217478

(Please use your Address as a reference)   



If your bins are at a different address to your Paypal account please put the correct address in the 'Send a Message' box. (Otherwise I might not know who the payment is from)

Click the 'Pay Now' button and enter the amount you want to pay in the box provided. Thank you.